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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions about our Graduation Products

Q: Where is your on-line ordering?

A These ceremonial items serve an important role and are usually a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so we don't leave it to computer clicks! Instead, your order, whether FAXed, emailed, called in or mailed, will be reviewed and checked by a real person (in the USA!, not a foreign phone bank). If necessary we will contact you to make sure all aspects of your order will fit your preferences and meet the requirements for color and use. Ordering info is provided for each item viewed.

Q: How do we contact you?

A We provide an "inquiry" email link next to every item. This is a quick way to request a catalog or ask questions about a product you found. Callers are welcome toll-free at 1-8-ONLY-ROBES (1-866-597-6237). Remember we are on Pacific time!! Email:

Q: How can we order your products?

A 1) Use our "order" links by each product to access our order form 2) Print it out so you have all the sizes, colors, and various choices to aid in your order selection. These are not on-line forms, but are intended to walk you through the various order variables for each product. 3) Place your order by phone, FAX, or email. Instructions are on each form. Orders submitted in writing are clearer and less prone to error. Although we are happy to take your order over the phone, we reserve the right to assess a $10 processing fee on extensive or complicated phone orders lacking the preparation of a written order.

Q: How quickly can I get my order?

A If it is a stocked product, normally we can ship it immediately. If it is a custom product, then it will be shipped after it is made. The larger the order, the longer it takes to make. In MAY, due to the enormous volume of time-urgent orders, we may be unable to fill your last-minute needs with less than 2 weeks lead time. Please see info about Grad Season Policies, below

Q: What if we don't have any time to wait?

A Pick from our stocked products and colors.

Q: How does the "Grad Season" affect my order?

A To get the best price on items needed within 10 weeks for May/June you will need to order before MARCH 15, before FEBRUARY 15 in the case of custom color/imprinted accessory items like cords & stoles. Incentives for early ordering are needed to make sure we can meet everyone's deadlines

Q: What about shipping methods? Can you ship overnight?

A First tell us your event date. This will determine some aspects of your order cost and the target date it needs to arrive, so please be accurate. Please note that once your order is in process with your chosen target date, the date cannot be changed. We will use the shipping method which will meet your date at the most reasonable cost. If you need it tomorrow, we will use overnight service. If you need it in a few days or a week, there are other guaranteed options that can meet your deadline without the high cost of overnight shipping. Please communicate your needs as specifically as you can so we can do the best job for you. In general, the faster you want it, the more it will cost to ship it.
Outside the U.S. we must use a 2-step shipping process for customs purposes, and due to the uncertainties of international shipping and customs we ask you to allow 3 months (except Canada). We cannot guarantee arrival dates to foreign addresses! Overseas orders can be very expensive to ship, especially if using private couriers like DSL or UPS. See more on foreign orders below.

Q: Why can't I find your prices?

A Our products are priced on a price-quote basis. The quantity, season, lead time and other factors affect the pricing. Please call or email for a price quote based on your requirements. Remember that your ordered products do have a higher price if your target date is less than 3 weeks away.

Q: Are the souvenir gowns machine washable?

A They are one-time use garments that cannot be washed or dry-cleaned.

Q: Are your products made in third-world countries with the accompanying worker pay and conditions issues?

A No- our U.S. based plants have been operating for decades, with an experienced, honorably paid staff. This means we can do last-minute orders and our stock is in the USA, not waiting to be delivered by container ships.

Q: What about measurements?

A The order form for gowns provide the measurements for various sizes. Height is all you need, unless Plus Sizes are needed, which are based on a combination of weight and height. If you are placing a group order, we will need the quantities of each size. In special situations where sizing information is unavailable, we can send an assortment of sizes, but this of course is not as accurate, and we recommend getting extra gowns to ensure adequate size choices in that case.

Q: If we decide to order, what are the financial arrangements?

A Full payment is required with your order. For government, courts, corporations and school purchases that have rigid payment terms, we can make special arrangements on request.
Your invoice is prepared and any payment adjustments are charged/credited to your card AFTER shipment, once shipping charges are determined based on actual costs. Orders will not be processed until up-front payment is received.

Q: If we prefer to mail in a check with our order, what are the shipping charges?

A Estimated shipping charges are listed at the bottom of the appropriate order form.

Q: I'm not in the United States. Can I purchase products from Grad Goods & More?

A Due to risks of theft, loss and other factors, we have limited our international service area to industrialized countries with dependable delivery options. To consider us as a supplier, you must be able to provide us with a delivery method that can be guaranteed. We have many robe customers in Canada, and are aware of the customs requirements there. For other countries, you will need to do your homework about your delivery options and particular customs and duty charges. Some governments have such high duty and tariff fees that it could be costly to attempt to import robes. Make sure you understand all the costs before committing funds to a robe order.

Q: What is your return policy?

A Please see
Grad Goods & More policy information for complete details on returns, invoicing procedures, payment methods and other policies

Q: Why don't you sell class rings?

A Despite our best intentions, certain large graduation companies have forced us to abandon our efforts to provide these items. It is a very controlled market, and we regret that it is beyond our resources at this time.

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